About Me

I’m Alexandra, boss mama and lover of the coffee.

I’m also creative entrepreneur, mama to Theo, and an elder millennial (if you haven’t watched Eliza Schlesinger’s Netflix special, DO IT) in my early thirties. I have a JD from Berkeley Law, though I don’t practice now, and I run a creative business instead with my high school sweetheart, Craig.

I love to travel (my favorite destination so far has been Portugal, followed by South Africa), read all the things (my favorite for 2018 was The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah), and drink lattes I make at home. Our lab-pei, Lucy, was my first baby and she’s slowly understanding that Theo is a tiny human and here to stay.

This site evolved from my frustration with researching baby products and coming up empty-handed when searching for reviews, ideas and recommendations from working moms like me. I wanted to know what career-driven women liked to use to make their baby life meld with their professional life. I was looking for other women who didn’t have an unlimited budget, but wanted to purchase higher-quality pieces that would last and perform well, rather than spend less on items that would have to be replaced two or three times over and didn’t work as effectively.

I also wasn’t looking for recs from the perfect-life Instagram bloggers with a magical quilt of expertly staged photos, my hair and the rest of my life just don’t have time for that.

Boss Meets Baby is my answer to what I wished I had: thoughtful recommendations on products that I use, love and can’t live without, mixed with stories from my mama-hood experience with this little boy that has filled up my heart. It’s where my boss life meets my baby life and how I make it work for my family.