Changing Station Essentials

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Your changing station essentials are pretty much the least glamorous baby purchases you’re going to make, but they’re so crucial to your sanity.

All of the items on this list are ones I am grateful for EVERY DAY. Right now, we are changing Theo’s diapers on the dresser in our bedroom after clearing out the first two drawers for wipes, diapers and sleepers (highly recommend while babe is sleeping in your room). Eventually we will transition him to his nursery and all of this gear will move in there.

I also want to note that we opted for a vintage dresser instead of purchasing a designated changing table. It’s more our style and I like that it can transition with him as he grows. If you are looking for a changing table specifically, these are a few good options:

Baby Relax3 Drawer Dresser

Bassett Baby & Kids Destin Changing Topper

SkipHop Changing Pad

Diaper Genie

UbbiBaby Wipe Holder

Honest Co. Wipes

Honest Co. Diapers

SkipHop Changing Pad

One of the first seasoned mom tips I got from a friend was to NOT get a changing pad with a removable cloth cover. They’re fairly inexpensive and the covers are cute and trendy, but according to her, “No-one wants to clean poop off of a cute fabric print every day, do yourself a favor and get something that wipes clean.”

She has the Keekaroo peanut changing pad and loves it because it isn’t liquid permeable or porous and just wipes clean of pee and poop spills. We’ve already had a diaper change situation where Theo let one out as I was wiping him, it was flowing like LAVA down there, so I understand this now on a much deeper level. Too deep, maybe.

The Keekaroo has amazing reviews on Amazon, but I wasn’t loving the price, so I kept searching and found two similar options: the Hatch BabyGrow changing pad with the built-in scale and the Skip Hop Changing Pad. The Hatch was even pricier than the Keekaroo due to the scale, so it was out for me, but the SkipHop was half as expensive and also had really great reviews.

I watched a couple YouTube videos and ended up ordering the SkipHop after measuring the dresser in his room to make sure it would be a fit.

My verdict after using it 15 times a day, every day? It’s perfect. We use wipes to clean up any messes Theo makes on it, which is a daily ritual, and every time I am just so grateful I don’t have to deal with stripping a cloth cover off and adding it to our growing laundry pile.

I’m not sure how the Keekaroo could give me a better experience, so I totally recommend going with the less expensive wipeable option here. Also, pro tip: If you hate the little dangling sun and moon attachment on the Skip Hop, you can just remove it like I did.

Diaper Genie

I don’t know how anyone functions without these things! If I had to walk a diaper from our room or Theo’s room out to the main trash can outside, or even the trash in the kitchen, I would lose my mind.

Theo HATES being changed and it’s never a fun experience with him kicking his tiny legs and either grunting his disapproval or screaming like a wounded pterodactyl. I don’t have the extra brain space or arms to deal with anything other than stuffing the diapers down the Diaper Genie hatch while trying too soothe my baby.

I also really appreciate how well it holds in the smell and that it actually takes a lot of diapers before getting full – we empty ours once a week. The bags are a little pricey and I know there are alternatives that can be used with a regular kitchen bag, but I’ve read that they aren’t as great at holding in the smell and are more difficult to stuff the diapers into. We’re so satisfied with this diaper disposal solution and so thankful C’s sister hooked us up with one at our shower.

UbbiBaby Wipe Holder

This is one of those unicorn items that is super simple, but makes your life SO much easier that you feel really pleased with yourself every time you look at it.

Yanking a single wipe out of a pack of wipes one-handed when your little one is screaming like the whole world is ending and there’s poo and pee happening in real time is next to impossible. The whole pack is bouncing around and then you get 3 wipes all at once and you.don’t.have.time.for.that.nonsense.

Do yourself a favor and just buy this thing. The wipes stay in the original packaging, you rip the plastic door off, pop them in the box, put the heavily weighted cover piece with the hole on top, then close the lid. When you need a wipe, open the lid, grab one and that weighted piece will keep everything in place and allow you to pull out a single wipe at a time. DONE. Problem solved.

Honest Co. Wipes

The Honest Company wipes are a staple product and we love them so much I just can’t imagine switching. I love how gentle they are on Theo’s sensitive skin and so far, we’ve never had a diaper rash (really hoping I didn’t just jinx myself!).

They score well on the ThinkDirty app for being free of harmful chemicals, allergens, carcinogens and fragrances. They’re hypo-allergenic and plant-based and are some of the most natural wipes you can use on your babe’s bum.

The Honest wipes are a little pricier than some of the bigger brands, but they’re something we use so often that I’d rather spend that extra 2 or 3 cents per wipe. I subscribe to them now on Amazon so I don’t forget to pick them up when I’m grocery shopping and I get an extra discount for ordering them automatically each month. You can also find occasional sales on both Amazon and Target and I recommend stocking up when you do – they don’t go bad and you’re ALWAYS going to need more.

Honest Co. Diapers

I spent a ton of time researching diapers for Theo before he got here. I have pretty sensitive skin and I wasn’t sure if that was something he might inherit, so I knew whatever we stocked up on had to be gentle AND absorbent.

I got a bunch of newborn sized diapers at my shower and tried a few different options but kept coming back to the Honest brand. They gave us a much better fit than the Seventh Generation, were just as resilient as the Pampers Swaddlers, but are known for being gentle and we have yet to see a diaper rash on his little bum. He also tends to pee A LOT and then have a few really extra slimy poo diapers that are especially explosive and Honest has done a better job at containing them than both of the other brands. They even held up when we were still learning how to properly diaper our teensy 6 pounder as first time parents (raise your hand if you had never diapered a baby until the nurses showed you how!).

Like the wipes, these can also be ordered through an Amazon subscription for a discount, but I also like to throw a couple in the cart during Target sales.

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